Planning Matters

The local planning authority for Hanham Parish Council is South Gloucestershire Council.

The parish council has no executive powers related to planning and is a “statutory consultee” only – which means we have to be asked, but our opinion is one of many and may be over-ridden.  The parish council does not make the final decision on planning applications, this is the remit of the planning department at South Gloucestershire Council. Search planning applications that have been submitted to South Gloucestershire Council This will give you information on any planning application currently under consideration as well as applications on which a decision has already been made.

The Parish Council is consulted on:-

  • All Planning applications within the Parish Boundary
  • Certificate of lawfulness
  • Significant or unusual applications in adjacent parishes
  • Significant planning related matters put out to consultation by South Gloucestershire Council
  • Some national policy developments (normally via South Gloucestershire Council) or similar bodies

Councillors will assess each application on its own merit and have to be mindful that the parish council bases its comments on “policy” which encompasses National, District and Parish matters.  Occasionally, applications are taken to Appeal by the applicants and the Parish Council may make additional submissions to the Planning Inspector.

These applications are discussed at the first available meeting, either full council or planning,  when decisions are taken about whether to object, or not, to the proposals that are being made.   A list of the applications to be discussed at any given meeting is published as an itemised list on the meeting agenda.  Residents may make their views known to the Parish Council with regard to these applications under the terms of public participation.